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The identification and traceability of our material along the entire supply chain.



We have a management system that covers all the company’s processes, including the purchase of raw materials, manufacturing, product quality assurance, efficient environmental protection, occupational risk prevention and customer satisfaction. This management system is audited and certified by external bodies on a permanent basis, which are a guarantee of correct application. All of this is carried out with a high level of involvement of the members of the company.


In our quality department we ensure that we meet all of the requirements of our customers and suppliers. In addition, we also guarantee the highest level of quality in the products and services that we offer.


We promote sustainable change that benefits financial results and enhances the socio-economic development of the community in which we are present.

We contribute to the building of a sustainable future and we always work hard to minimise our environmental impact.


Corrugados Getafe’s corporate commitment policy establishes the generic framework and principles of action of the company in relation to its Corporate Social Responsibility. A commitment that goes beyond the general laws and regulations of a fully regulated sector such as the metal industry.